Are Pets Allowed on Private Jets?

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Are Pets Allowed on Private Jets?
 Are Pets Allowed on Private Jets?
I want travel and be able to bring my cat along with me. I treat her like she’s part of the family and leaving her to be taken care of by someone else is not an option.
I was wondering if this is something doable with your company?
I don’t really know what the rules are regarding traveling with pets on a private jet and would love more details! Is this something you could assist me with?
Thank you!
-Devoted Cat Mommy 
Are pets allowed on private jets?


By Fly Cats
Hello Devoted Cat Mommy,
Thank you for your question to us.
Regarding whether or not pets are allowed on private jets, Yes – CATS is a pet friendly air operator. Your pet can travel with you in the cabin as long as the pet has all required documents for travel. Some countries have different regulations when it comes to pets on board.
Any questions about travelling with your pet please contact us at 1-855-FLY-CATS for any specific pet travel advice. 
I hope this information has been helpful to you. 
Are Pets Allowed on Private Jets?
Are Pets Allowed on private Jets
Are Pets Allowed on Private Jets
Remember to visit us online and request a quote! 
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Request a quote from our charter sales department at today!
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Remember to contact the Flycats team for more information
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How about any other animal, like dogs and what animals are not allowed?

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5 years ago
Aww kitties! Those cats are adorable, i have been wondering about whether or not pets are allowed on private jets, thanks for the helpful info!