Business Jet Rental Toronto

By Mark
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 Business Jet Rental Toronto

What are some of amenities and benefits offered by CATS for those looking for business jet rentals?

Thank you. 


By Fly Cats
business jet rental toronto
Hi there Mark,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding business jet rentals in Toronto.

While flying aboard CATS’s beautiful Gulfstream G150, we currently offer passengers the luxury of complimentary on board high speed Wi-Fi brought to you by industry leading GoGo Biz. This allows customers to connect any of their devices for a truly amazing in-flight experience. Each flight comes standard with an assortment of light snacks and beverages.


Please advise our team of any special requests or allergies in advance of your flight. We are happy to accommodate any request and create a first class travel experience for all of our clientele.


CATS offers the convenient use of Satcom Direct in-fight phone for passenger use.  Please contact our knowledgeable team about how we can cater to your next flight with CATS. 

I hope this has helped to answer your question, contact our team for more information. 
business jet rental toronto
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great info! thank u for sharing
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Thank you for your comment!
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