Charter Flights from Toronto

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Charter Flights from Toronto
 Charter Flights from Toronto

Does your company offer charter flights straight from Toronto?

Are their any limitations as to where in the world I can travel to?

What are the price ranges for charter flights leaving from Toronto?

I have noticed on your website that you offer quotes but do you have a price range or general estimate?

Thank you! 
Charter Flights from Toronto


By Fly Cats
Hi there,
Thank you for your question to us regarding charter flights from Toronto.
We do offer quotes through our website but here is an example of a range or estimate of what the average cost of a charter flight might cost:

Light Jets

2700-3300 /hr

Mid Size Jets


Heavy Jets


The above listed range can vary so please call for your fully customised aircraft charter quote!
FlyCats is located at 6120 Midfield Road in Mississauga, and we do use the Sky service Avitat FBO lounge to accommodate our passengers coming in and out of Toronto. 
Here is a map to give you an idea:
Charter Flights from Toronto
I hope this has been helpful, remember to also visit our website for more information about our fleet, charter services and team. 
Charter Flights from Toronto
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Request a quote from our charter sales department at today!
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5 years ago
Thank you for the comments
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NICE! definitely keep that in mind
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5 years ago
How about the places you guys do not fly to?