How Private Jet Charter Quotes Are Calculated

How Private Jet Charter Quotes Are Calculated

In today’s business world, individuals are becoming more and more aware of the benefit of chartering a private jet. The on-demand nature included with time savings, privacy and efficiency of chartering an aircraft is becoming increasingly more attractive to individuals for business and personal travel alike.  At CATS, we offer a quick quote calculator for direct inquiries at our website to offer customers transparency and time savings when searching for their next flight.

When chartering and private jet, the client is always quoted for the entire aircraft not per the number of passengers travelling.  Costs that are included in a charter quote are:
  • Crew Cost:  Crew members are paid a daily amount in addition to their annual salaries. This covers their expenses incurred while away from base. Crew hotel costs are built into the quote depending of length of time away from base.

  • Passenger Taxes:  Certain security taxes are incurred by passengers for either domestic or trans-border flights.

  • Aircraft Landing Fees: Each landing at airport will incur a landing fee depending on the category and weight of aircraft.

  • Aircraft Handling Charges: The back bone of the private and general aviation industry is the Fixed Based Operators (FBO) which take excellent care of our passengers and aircraft while away from home base.  The aircraft handling charge includes fuel setup, passengers care to and from the private terminal, flight crew facilities and all other aircraft requirements. This cost can vary from airport to airport.

  • Additional Expenses:  We are more than happy to arrange ground transportation and additional catering on board the aircraft which will be added to total price of charter.
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