Pearson Airport Private Terminal

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Pearson Airport Private Terminal
 Pearson Airport Private Terminal

I noticed on your website that you’re located at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Does that mean your company uses the Pearson airport private terminal?


I’m just curious to know because I’ve heard that this is what the celebrities use when they come to Toronto.

I’m not sure whether or not this true but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Thank you.
pearson airport private terminal toronto


By Fly Cats

Hello Lily,


Thank you for your question to us regarding Pearson airport's private terminal.


We are located at 6120 Midfield Road, Mississauga ON


We utilise Skyservice Avitat FBO lounge to accommodate our passenger into and out of busy Toronto Pearson Airport. 

For any additional questions regarding our location please contact us at 1-855-FLY-CATS or e-mail our charter sales team at

Pearson Airport Private Terminal
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Request a quote from our charter sales department at today!
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Reply by Fly Cats
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Thank you for your comment! Contact the FlyCats Team for more information about the services we provide!
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Thanks! Now I wont get lost when I am trying to catch my next flight.