Private Jet Inflight Meals

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Private Jet Inflight Meals
Private Jet Inflight Meals

What kind of inflight meals are available on your private jets during the trip?

Is alcohol permitted and am I allowed to bring my own food?

Thank you.


By Fly Cats
Hi Stanley,


Thank you for your question to us regarding in-flight meals in private jets.

We are happy to arrange any in-flight catering request that you may have while travelling with CATS.  All flights come equipped with standard commissary items including an assortment of beer, spirits, soft drinks, coffee, tea and water.

Private Jet in flight meals


Commissary also includes an assortment of snacks including chips, chocolate and other confectionery items.  Passengers are allowed to bring own food on the aircraft however food items must be kept on the aircraft or disposed of upon arrival into destination. 

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I hope this has helped answer your question regrading the options we offer in terms of in flight meals, please feel free to reach out to us at any time if you require more information!
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Request a quote from our charter sales department at today!
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Thanks for sharing
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Thank you for your comments, contact us today for more information!
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I love the style and appearance of the plane, it's so luxurious
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Can we ask for exactly what we would like when it comes to food or do we pick from a list when talking to the catering service.