Private Jets Customs and Immigration

By cjp
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Private Jets Customs and Immigration
 Private Jets Customs and Immigration
Customs and immigration When Travelling with a Private Airline
Hello Flycats team,
One of the reasons why I'm considering flying with a private jet charter is because I hate dealing with customs and immigration.
When flying with a private airline, do I still have to go through customs and immigration?
customs and immigration when travelling with a private airline


By Fly Cats
Hello Cjp,
Thank you for your question, it's one we get asked quite a bit.
While you can't avoid customs and immigration for security and taxation purposes, the benefit of flying privately is that they come to you and clear you for security. 
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5 years ago
never would have thought to ask this actually, good post!
Fly Cats
5 years ago
Thanks for the comments everyone
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5 years ago
thanks for the suggestions. Your advice is always educational and professional.
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5 years ago
interesting question thanks for answering