What is a Charter Airline?

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What is a Charter Airline?
 What is a Charter Airline?

I was wanting to know what a chartered airline is and what are some of the main differences between them and conventional flights?



By Fly Cats
Hi Stanley,
Thank you for your question!

There are numerous key differences when flying private jet charter rather then conventional airliners. First and most importantly is TIME. Time is money, flying privately is a great way to minimize travel time for business and vacation travelers alike.


Located at Canada’s largest airport, CATS is a short hop from downtown Toronto.

 We specialize in last minute trips and are more the happy to assist with all your private aviation needs as they arise. Did you know the busiest private aviation airport in the world is Teterboro Airport followed by Van Nuys in California? 


Connectivity and access to over 5000 private jet airports in North America puts private business aviation ahead of standard commercial schedules service. 

Please contact chartersales@flycats.ca for more information about our charter airline. 
What is a charter airline
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Request a quote from our charter sales department at chartersales@flycats.ca today!
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thanks for shairng
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Contact our charter airline today for more information about the services we provide!